The perfect synthesis of technique and design for today's living. Over 40 Colors to meet every design need.
For more than 65 years, our experts have been developing innovative solutions to solve problems such as cracking, color consistency and chemical resistance while staying abreast of design trends.

Proper joint design is essential to achieve quality installation and must meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of the project: the width of the joints is determined according to the type and size of the tile, its coefficient of thermal expansion, dimensional tolerances, but also the stresses to which it will be subjected, which may vary according to its intended use.

The LATICRETE® product range adapts to the needs of any material and guarantees a superior level of reliability and quality; they are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, for floor and wall tiles.

Choosing LATICRETE® means being assured of robust, durable and flexible solutions that always make a difference.
LATICRETE epoxy and cementitious grouts offer all the features and benefits sought after by building professionals, designers and homeowners, resisting time, wear and tear and weathering.

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