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LATASIL PRIMER is a single component, waterproof and moisture-proof primer for lasting protection of surfaces from moisture and water loads.


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LATASIL PRIMER is a high-quality, waterproof and moisture-proof primer for lasting protection of surfaces from moisture and water loads, to guarantee a strong and lasting bond of LATASIL sealant, even in submerged applications.

After drying, it forms a highly durable, non-porous membrane and improves adhesion and bond strength for dependable long-lasting installations. LATASIL PRIMER should be used for all underwater applications such as pools and fountains.

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Características y ventajas

  • UN-approved packaging, fitted with safety seal
  • Single component and ready to use — easy to apply with a brush or roller
  • Fast dry time — can apply LATASIL™ sealant within ~60 minutes (at room temperature)
  • Forms a highly durable, non-porous membrane to protect from moisture and water loads — ideal for all underwater applications such as pools, hot tubs and fountains
  • Stops surface absorption and ensures excellent bonding — ideal for stone applications
  • Durable bond is unaffected by water to various substrates

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