Retail & Commercial

Resinous Flooring Systems for Retail & Commercial

Retail, shopping centers and showrooms present challenges for commercial flooring solutions. These spaces require customized, beautiful aesthetics for commercial retail tenants and shopping mall owners. Additionally, these floors must possess safe, nonslip characteristics as well as easy to clean properties for all the foot traffic they see on a daily basis.

We understand the facility requirements faced within commercial environments: regular cleaning, maintenance, and long-term durability. We also understand that shopping centers and commercial retailers cannot afford facility downtime because being down means lost revenue!

High performance commercial flooring solutions by LATICRETE offers fast return to service, high uptime, and durable flooring. These customizable coating systems also make floor and wall maintenance easy.

Common Applications for Commercial & Retail

  • Showrooms
  • Back of House Flooring
  • Front of House Flooring
  • Bathrooms & Locker Rooms
  • Lobbies, Entries & Hallways
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Storage Areas
  • Offices
  • Parking Garages


The LATICRETE® METALLIC PA system is a decorative design system that incorporates highly refined metallic pigments with resins to provide brilliant colour variation and depth.

Built as a 100% polyaspartic system with three coats, it can cure in low temperatures and has a UV stable clear topcoat. 

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Metallic Floor


The LATICRETE® GUARD PA PURE system is a solid colour, thin-build, coating designed to provide a durable, rapid return-to-service floor.

Built as a 100% PURE polyaspartic system, it is low VOC and ideal for indoor applications — safer for you and the environment. GUARD PA PURE can also be used to create custom safety lines and markings.

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