Greenhouses & Indoor Farming

SPARTACOTE Resinous Flooring for Indoor Farming by LATICRETE

Increase your yield with LATICRETE® resinous systems


As the industry adopts new technology and pushes the boundaries of horticulture and plant production, controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is gaining traction to increase plant yield. See how LATICRETE® resinous floor and wall systems can contribute to your farming facility by providing a hygienic, easy to clean environment which promotes healthy plant growth while decreasing energy usage.

To create a high-yield system using our GUARD PA systems, all you need is to add our LUX ADDITIVE, which  is designed to maximize light reflectance and increase grow room energy efficiency in clone, vegetative and flowering rooms. 

These high-yield resinous systems are highly chemical resistant, seamless and allow for rapid return to service.

Common Applications for Greenhouses & Indoor Farming
  • Vertical Farms
  • Hydrophonic Farms
  • Aquaponic Farms
  • Aeroponic Farms
  • Restrooms & Locker Rooms
  • Container Farms
  • Utility & Maintenance Areas
  • Shipping & Warehousing
  • Offices


The GUARD PA systems used with the LATICRETE® LUX ADDITIVE results in a high-yield system.

The LUX ADDITIVE reflective technology increases PPFD reflectance by 56% and is patent pending.

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The LATICRETE® GUARD PA PURE system is a solid colour, thin-build, coating designed to provide a durable, rapid return-to-service floor.

Built as a 100% PURE polyaspartic system, it is low VOC and ideal for indoor applications — safer for you and the environment. GUARD PA PURE can also be used to create custom safety lines and markings.

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