Education & Schools

Keep busy classrooms, hallways and work areas safe and functional with LATICRETE® resinous flooring and wall systems.

Educational facilities are in constant use with a high volume of daily foot traffic making cleaning and maintenance a challenge. Naturally seamless and impervious to spills, our resinous systems are a great fit for these areas as they are highly durable and don’t require any waxing or special cleaners to upkeep.

Our dedicated systems feature fast return to service, safe, non-slip finishes and long term durability that allow students to stay focused on learning. The LATICRETE resinous floor and wall systems are ideal for refurbishments, renovations or new build projects. Whether an elementary school, community college, or university, LATICRETE has a solution.


Common Applications for Education

  • Classrooms
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms & Locker Rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Laboratories & Research Facilities
  • Mechanical & Storage Rooms


The LATICRETE® FLAKE PA PURE system is a multi-coat broadcast coating system designed to provide a terrazzo-like seamless flooring finish, available in various finish blends. 

Built as a 100% PURE polyaspartic system with two to three coats, it has low VOC emissions — making it ideal for renovations and indoor applications.

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FLAKE PA PURE Resinous System


The LATICRETE® GUARD PA PURE system is a solid colour, thin-build, coating designed to provide a durable, rapid return-to-service floor.

Built as a 100% PURE polyaspartic system, it is low VOC and ideal for indoor applications — safer for you and the environment. GUARD PA PURE can also be used to create custom safety lines and markings.

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