Aviation & Aircraft Hangars

Resinous Flooring Systems for Aviation

Aviation, aircraft hangars and mechanical areas present unique challenges, as they require heavy-duty, Skydrol-resistant flooring solutions. These spaces require customized aesthetics, as well as safe, nonslip flooring that is easy to clean.


We at LATICRETE® understand that these spaces require regular cleaning and maintenance, high availability and long-term durability. Naturally seamless and impervious to spills, our resinous systems are ideal for these areas as they are highly durable and don’t require any waxing or special cleaners to upkeep.

The LATICRETE resinous floor and wall systems are great for refurbishments, renovations or new build projects. Whether an airport, aircraft hangar, or aerospace application, LATICRETE has a solution, designed to resist the heavy traffic and tough chemicals found in these spaces. 

Common Applications for Aviation

  • Airplane Hangars
  • Airports
  • Workshops
  • Maintenance & Repair Areas
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Bathroom & Locker Rooms
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Storage Facilities
  • Parking Areas
  • Commercial Garages


The LATICRETE® QUARTZ system is a multi-coat broadcast colored quartz flooring system designed to provide a sanitary solution for high traffic and aseptic areas.

Built as a 100% polyaspartic system with four coats, it can cure in low temperatures and has a UV stable clear topcoat. 

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The LATICRETE® GUARD PA system is a solid colour, thin-build, coating designed to provide a durable, rapid return-to-service floor.

Built as a 100% polyaspartic system with two to three coats, it can cure in low temperatures and has a UV stable clear topcoat. GUARD PA can also be used to create custom safety lines and markings.

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Guard Floor