Complementary Products

Whatever your project, LATICRETE® can help you with high performance Resinous Coating & Floor Finish System solutions.

Designing our products with the modular concept in mind, many of our products can complement your flooring project. These “building blocks” are inherently versatile to suit your unique project requirements. We are fully committed to innovation, growth and a complete system approach.


Primers & Moisture Mitigation

Various primers available for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, even specialty primers that serve as moisture vapour barriers.
  • MOISTURE VAPOR BARRIER: for concrete slabs exhibiting elevated moisture levels (> 3% relative humidity when measured using the carbide method with a carbide hygrometer (CM device), LATICRETE® recommends using this all-in-one, solvent-free moisture vapour barrier and primer.
  • PRIMER EP: a deep penetrating, solvent-free epoxy primer for use over concrete, cementitious mortars and metal substrates.
  • PRIMER EP WB: a fast drying, odour-free primer with water-soluble epoxy resins and a polyamide hardener, ideal for concrete and other absorbent surfaces.
  • PRIMER OT: a deep penetrating, solvent-free epoxy primer for use over concrete containing residual contamination from mineral oils and with slight moisture.

Underlayments & Surface Preparation

Over 65 years of expertise with mortars, we can provide screeds, self-levelling underlayments, patch and repair solutions, and more.
  • 8510 BONDING ADMIX + 211 POWDER system: an ideal smoothing compound for surface preparation before installation of resinous coatings.
  • FAST FIX: a patch and repair solution, an ultra-fast setting modified urethane hybrid.


Antimicrobial Technology

Our CLINICAL PLUS, equipped with silver icon antimicrobial technology, is an antibacterial additive that can be incorporated as a top coat in any of our systems. Coatings equipped with CLINICAL PLUS technology are formulated for high antibacterial resistance, ideal for areas where sanitary coatings are required.


Traction Additives

For those projects with special requirements, we offer traction additives that can be integrated with resinous finishes.
  • GRIP TRACTION ADDITIVE: an ultra-durable yet high strength additive for improved anti-slip performance, which does not affect clarity of finish.
  • DIAMOND TOPP™: an ultra high performance aluminum oxide additive which greatly enhances abrasion and wear resistance of the surface.